Alhaji Grunsah, is the sole owner and financial backbone of the Ghanaian premiership side King Faisal. Over five decades today, he remains a trademark in Ghana football. Because Alhaji made huge impact, in the development and promotion of our game.

Undoubtedly, his nearest attribute remains a fearless daring personality, especially when it came to exercising his personal view on issues governing our football. Another great indicator of the heavy heavy man is that his home has been a breeding ground for hundreds Ghanaian players, by playing a loco-parentis role to them.

And Ex- Kotoko Star player Joe Debrah happens to have been one of Alhaji’s personally scouted and brought up player.

During a discussion segment on Kessben Sports, Alhaji phoned onto the show hosted by Sir Joe Laka, to give some highlights behind our clubs association with each other. Without any provocation of any sort, the Heavy-heavy man diverted from his line of contributions to attack Joe Debrah.

To Alhaji Grunsah, his own boy Joe Debrah was disrespectful and ungrateful, which led to his premature end of football career. The comments of Alhaji left many to wonder, what could have been the reason for the magnitude of badmouth from him.

Joe Debrah as expected also phoned onto Kessben sports, thus same platform, which Alhaji left some distasteful description on him.

Joe Debrah on his part, was very perplexed with the kind of words Alhaji used on him. He also wondered where and how he wronged his own father in football.

I have never disrespected or insulted Alhaji before. I have a father and son relationship with him, Joe Debra paraphrased.

However, upon a further interrogation from the host, Joe Debrah recalled that he was transferred from King Faisal to Kum a pem by Alhaji Grunsah. But he was unable to inform Alhaji about his move to Kotoko due to certain problems which generated between them.

Could that be the source of Alhaji’s provocation?

Source: Kessben Sports


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