Unity reign in the current board set up by Otumfuo. Quick understanding between us is exhibited right from day one of our meeting.
The communication is key in our dealings and it is been attained sumptuously so we are certain of achieving success.

We are all eager to contribute something to help the course of the club. We only need the support from the supporters, and differences must be buried.

We will be meeting next week to form the various committees and set up the new management structure.
Our main focus is to get a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) to run the day to day affairs of the club and the Youth Team.

Dr Kwame Kyei has enormously done well which attracts continuation. We all know he doesn’t know much about football but his financial power is sensational.
The hard truth is some of his management members didn’t help him if not that maybe he could have hit his target. Source: Light FM


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